What makes the best nut?

For us, it is the care we put in each stage of the production process. From the plantation to the packaging that reaches you.

And producing the best nut is the goal that has driven Norteminas for 19 years, since we started to dedicate ourselves to the processing of cashews.

Our nuts are born in Serra do Mel (Honey Hill), Brazil, and go straight to the factory. They are selected through a strict quality control, from harvest to commercialization.

We produce high-quality nuts, differentiated in size and flavor, which quickly became a hit in the Brazilian market and today they can be found in points of sale all over Brazil.

We produce nuts that are genuinely Brazilian originated from our flora. Our products are always fresh and amaze our customers with the true taste of nuts.

• In-house production with a wide range of products and selected almonds.
• Excellence in quality control and food safety.
• Efficient and secure logistics, based on respect and commitment to the customer.
• Factories in the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais and Rio Grande in the North.
• Founded in the year of 2000, Norteminas is the market leader in the state of Minas Gerais.